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The Complete Fabric Guide of Polyester Mesh

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The Complete Fabric Guide of Polyester Mesh
The Complete Fabric Guide of Polyester Mesh

One of the pillars of the QIANGHUA fabrics product line is polyester mesh. This versatile material is used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, from the aerospace and automotive industries to the marine and medical industries and the indoor and outdoor leisure trade.

The following article provides an overview of polyester mesh, discussing its properties, benefits and applications. Please read on.


Overview of polyester mesh fabrics

The term "knitted mesh fabric" is a generic expression used to describe the construction of a material with an open-cell structure by a knitting process (as opposed to weaving, which is a separate operation). Polyester yarn is one of the most commonly used fibres in the manufacture of knitted mesh fabrics.

Polyester consists of soft synthetic polymer fibres which are made by a chemical reaction between alcohols, carboxylic acids and petroleum by-products. The resulting fibres are then stretched and oriented together to form strong yarns that are naturally resistant to water, stains, UV degradation and can withstand frequent use.


The Complete Fabric Guide of Polyester Mesh

polyester plain weaving fabrics



Features and benefits

Compared to other web materials, polyester fabrics exhibit many favourable properties that make them suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and recreational applications, such as

Dimensional stability

Polyester fibres exhibit good elasticity, which allows the material to return to its original shape after stretching by up to 5-6%. It is important to note that mechanical stretching is not the same as fibre stretching. One can design high-stretch materials using dimensionally stable yarns.


Polyester mesh fabrics are highly elastic and inherently resistant to damage and degradation caused by acidic and alkaline chemicals, corrosion, flame, heat, light, mould and mildew as well as abrasion. Factors such as yarn weight (denier), tangles and filament count are all key factors in determining durability.


Polyester fabrics are hydrophobic - i.e. tend to repel water - which means excellent pigment absorption (meaning easier dyeing operations - as opposed to Type 6 or Type 66 nylon) and drying time (meaning better moisture wicking properties).

In short, these properties lend themselves to the material being used in a wide range of applications, including those involving outdoor and harsh environmental conditions.


The Complete Fabric Guide of Polyester Mesh

polyester plain weaving fabrics


Fabric applications

Polyester mesh fabrics are used in a wide range of applications. Some industries include.

Cargo nets, seat belts, seat support substrates and tarpaulins for the aerospace, automotive and marine industries.

Production of filters and screens, air filtration industry.

Healthcare industry, curtains, stents, IV bag holders and patient slings and support systems.

Recreational sporting goods industry, golf simulator impact screens, protective mesh.

The exact performance of the polyester mesh fabric used depends on the application and the needs of the industry.



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