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The Types And Characteristics of Industrial Filter Cloth

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The Types And Characteristics of Industrial Filter Cloth
The Types And Characteristics of Industrial Filter Cloth

Here mesh industry shares something with you: how many types are there of the industry filter cloth?

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1. Polyester industrial filter cloth: high strength, excellent abrasion resistance. Good acid resistance, soluble in high temperature and strong lye. Under special circumstances, it is hydrolyzed and brittle, resistant to dry heat at 150 degrees, and has good shape retention. The main uses are cement and iron making. Used for high-temperature gas dust collection in iron-carbon plants and refined clay filtration in oil refineries. It is also used in the filtration of oils, wineries and chemical plants.


2. Polypropylene industrial filter cloth: light weight and easy to handle, good acid and alkali resistance, but easy to age. Mainly used for the refining of dyes and pigments. Used for the filtration of clay, ceramic soil, and chemicals. Used in various industrial filtrations such as sugar, beer, and oil. There are also factory wastewater, urban sewage treatment and so on.


3. Vinylon industrial filter cloth: good alkali resistance and poor temperature resistance. Shrinkage occurs when wet, especially when heated. Mainly used for the filtration of dyes, pigments, ceramic soil and medicines.


4. Acrylic industrial filter cloth: excellent chemical resistance, mainly used for dust collection of corrosive gases.


5. Nylon industrial filter cloth: high strength and excellent wear resistance. The surface is smooth, and the filter residue has excellent peeling performance. Good alkali resistance, but easy to be corroded by inorganic acid and easy to deform. Mainly used for mineral processing, wax melting in oil refineries, filtration in chemical plants, treatment of factory wastewater and urban sewage, etc.


6. Cotton industrial filter cloth: It mainly uses the swelling property of cotton fiber and is suitable for trapping fine dust. The main purposes are general liquid filtration and dust collection.

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7. Metachloride industrial filter cloth: It has high abrasion resistance, mildew resistance and rot resistance. Does not absorb moisture and does not swell in water. Mainly used for the filtration of corrosive liquid and gaseous substances.


8. Glass fiber industrial filter cloth: high tensile strength, high temperature resistance and good thermal stability. Good electrical insulation and chemical resistance. Torsional strength and shear strength are lower than other fibers. Mainly used for dust collection of high temperature gas and recovery of valuable industrial products.


9. Aramid industrial filter cloth: high strength, good heat resistance, and can be used continuously at a temperature of 180 degrees to 200 degrees. Excellent chemical resistance and mildew resistance. Good radiation resistance and flame retardant. Mainly used in filter bags for filtering gases and separating solid particles at high temperatures, such as stone powder plants, explosive aluminum powder plants and other industrial filtration aspects.


10. Carbon fiber industrial filter cloth: high elastic modulus, low density and high tensile strength. Excellent heat resistance, good chemical resistance, good dimensional stability and excellent electrical conductivity. The main applications are chemical industry filtration under high temperature, activated carbon carbon fiber felt for air purification, etc.


11. Fluorine-containing fiber industrial filter cloth: good chemical resistance and thermal stability. Low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and good electrical insulation. It has good flame retardancy, and the friction factor is low among synthetic fibers. It is mainly used for filtration in high temperature and chemical environment, such as the fluorine fiber felt filter material used in the titanium dioxide factory.


Hope this article can help you choose the right filter cloth. In addition, we provide a variety of high-quality filter cloths. If you have any questions and filter cloth needs,contact us now.

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