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How to Wash Polyester Fiber Clothes?

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How to Wash Polyester Fiber Clothes?
How to Wash Polyester Fiber Clothes?


Polyester Fabric is polyester, which is characterized by good breathability and moisture removal. Can be dry cleaned, does not change color, and does not deform. If your fabric has a viscous lining, the adhesive or viscous lining is soluble in water, and it will separate after washing, which is the irreversible wrinkle of the fabric. Therefore, it is recommended to use a neutral volatile lotion, which is sold in supermarkets, which is practical and cheap. Polyester is acid and alkali resistant. If you insist on machine washing, you can put in a laundry bag and use a neutral detergent.


How to Wash Polyester Fiber Clothes?


The clothes made of Polyester Forming Fabrics mainly use neutral laundry detergent. Others are not too particular. Clothes also need to be maintained to extend the wearing life and maintain the gloss of the color.


1. Polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, is prone to static electricity, and is airtight. But it is easy to wash and dry quickly.


2. Good thermal stability. Just soaking in hot water is fine.


3. Very durable, abrasion-resistant and stretch-resistant. Wrinkle resistance and shape retention are good.


4. In particular, polyester fibers can be treated with alkali reduction to obtain a silk-like effect. So when you see the price of silk-like clothes that are exciting, you should pay attention to it. It is likely to be polyester.


5. The biggest disadvantage of polyester fabrics is that they are easy to fluff and pilling. Very new clothes will feel like second-hand goods when they come down two or three times. Because of the third strip, the hair ball of polyester fiber is difficult to fall off and more difficult to manage.


6. Finally, polyester fabric is better than pure cotton and has the effect of being resistant to insects and mold.


7. After washing, it is easy to dry in the shade, and do not expose to the sun to avoid wrinkles due to heat;


8. Wet cloth should be added when ironing, and the temperature should not be too high. It is best to iron the reverse side of dark clothing.


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