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Classification of woven fabrics

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Classification of woven fabrics
Classification of woven fabrics

Fiber type

According to the composition of woven fabrics are divided into pure textile fabrics, blended fabrics and fabrics. Pure Textiles - woven fabrics of the same kind of pure yarn. The properties of this kind of fabric mainly reflect the characteristics of fiber. The weft yarn such as pure cotton fabrics are cotton yarn (line) such as cotton khaki 21X21/108X58, weft yarn and viscose fabrics are viscose yarn. Blended fabric - a fabric made of two or more than two varieties of fiber blended yarn. Such as cotton blended wool, polyester and cotton blended, etc.. Their greatest feature is that the fibers are mixed together in the spinning process. Woven fabric - a fabric made of yarn or filament with different fibers. For example, to used nylon filament yarn, weft with viscose fabric with warp brocade sticky silk weft yarn with silk and wool fabric etc..

Length fineness

According to the length and fineness of the woven fabric, it is divided into cotton type fabric, medium length fabric, wool fabric and filament fabric. Cotton fabric, cotton fiber length is about 30 mm, the length of the fiber yarn in the cotton yarn (chemical fiber and cotton fiber blended to, to cut the length of cotton fiber), formed by the yarn fabric for cotton fabrics. Wool fabric: wool length of about 75 mm (different varieties with large difference), the length of the fiber yarn in the wool yarns (for wool fiber and chemical fiber blended, to cut the length of wool type chemical fiber), formed by the yarn fabric for wool fabric. Medium length fabric, a staple fiber, between cotton and wool. The yarn is made of medium long fiber yarn, and the fabric made of this yarn is medium long fabric. Filament fabric - woven filament fabrics such as rayon fabric, polyester fabric.

According to the organization structure:

Plain weave, twill, satin, respectively, have rich nicknames.

By use of points:

For clothing, home textiles, industrial cloth etc.

Pay special attention to the concept of difference:

1. Yarn dyed and yarn dyed fabrics for printing - dyeing, and then use the colored yarn for weaving, such as shirt fabric, denim and so many. The factory called XXX dyeing factory, yarn dyed factory. Printing and dyeing the fabric after weaving, such as a lot of printed cloth, colorful patterns. The factory is called XXX printing and dyeing factory, dyeing and finishing plant, etc..

2. Blending and interweaving - two or more than two different fibers are mixed in the spinning process, and then blended with a blended yarn. Weaving - the use of different varieties of yarn or filament yarn (beam) woven fabric.

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