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Basic organization of woven fabrics

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Basic organization of woven fabrics
Basic organization of woven fabrics

A fabric made of yarns having a cross relationship. The relationship between the two groups of linear motion of the yarn meet up and down after the contact, the formation of positive cosine curve of the stability of the relationship between pressure. In a loom by the weft yarn according to a certain rule, woven into a fabric, called woven fabrics, and woven fabrics.

Basic organization

Plain weave

Plain weave: by warp and weft and white interwoven organization called plain weave. Plain weave fabric is a kind of all in the most simple. The parameters of the plain weave is: Rj = Rw = 2Sj = Sw = 1 + two plain weave warp and weft are two intertwined in an organization cycle. There are two point by the organization and two weft interlacing point. Because the point = weft weave, plain weave with facial tissue so.

Weave weave

The organization (or weft point) for a diagonal organization called twill. The surface of a twill fabric has an oblique texture consisting of an organized point (or weft weave point). The parameters of twill weave is: Rj = Rw = 3Sj = Sw = 1.

Satin weave

Separate and discrete point by the organization (or weft points) evenly distributed regularly in the organization in circulation, so the organization called satin. The single point Satin covered by another yarn floats on both sides of the system, the surface of the fabric are presented by the float (or weft floats), so the fabric surface gloss, feel soft and smooth.

The parameters of the satin weave as follows: R = 5 (except 6); the 1 < S < R-1, and is a constant; the R and S must be mutually prime. In satin, float longer, to separate the tissue covered by another yarn floats on both sides of the system, this must be R = 5 (except 6).

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