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Structure And Performance of BOM Press Felts

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Structure And Performance of BOM Press Felts

From the experience of foreign paper industry development and domestic paper technology and equipment level now, to BOM press blanket instead of the domestic paper enterprises generally use the abbreviation BOB blanket, the potential is great, and it is imperative. At present, some domestic blanket manufacturers have not only produced the paper blanket suitable for high speed paper machine, and has developed the blanket by chemical treatment, this blanket in a certain range can replace imported products.


Structure And Performance of BOM Press Felts

Structure of BOM press felt

BOM paper felts can be divided into 3 series according to different structures: single-layer bottom net felts, double-layer bottom net felts, multi-layer bottom net felts, etc. According to the different uses can be divided into: BOM forming blanket, BOM pressing blanket, BOM on blanket, BOM dry blanket, BOM pulp board blanket, etc.

BOM felts generally consist of a bottom mesh layer and a fibre layer, where the bottom mesh layer is divided into 3 types: single layer, double layer and multi-layer. All the backing fabrics are made of nylon monofilaments woven by different weaving methods. The fibre layer is made up of nylon staple fibres of different thicknesses laid in layers.



Performance of BOM paper felts

1, The felts have good elasticity and the internal base mesh is incompressible, which can withstand very high line pressure, effectively reducing the moisture in the press area of wet paper sheets, reducing sheet breakage and facilitating higher speeds.
2, Excellent water filtration and air permeability, large porosity, easy to wash the blanket, not easy to be blocked by foreign objects, extremely suitable for vertical dewatering in the form of vacuum, blind holes and other presses.
3, High tensile strength, not easy to be pulled or torn under high tension and high load. Stable structure, good stiffness, not easily folded, very little elongation and shrinkage.

4, Long service life, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, chemically treated blanket, with staining resistance, anti-fluttering and other characteristics, its comprehensive performance and imported blanket equivalent, longer than the general blanket life.
5, Blanket surface is flat and thick, which is conducive to improving the quality of paper appearance, and can effectively reduce and eliminate print marks.

Structure And Performance of BOM Press Felts

Requirements for paper machine

1, The entire vacuum system of the paper machine is required to have a high vacuum degree, and the configuration of the vacuum pump and the vacuum box are set reasonably. The washing vacuum box should be separated from the dewatering vacuum box vacuum system.
2, BOM paper felts are more suitable for presses in the form of grooves, blind holes, vacuums, large roll diameters and wide press areas. Such press forms facilitate vertical dewatering of the felts themselves.
3, Special blankets for special purposes. Paper machines producing different paper products should use different types of blankets.

4, BOM paper felts require good washing conditions in the paper machine, especially for BOM forming felts, BOM pre-press felts and BOM press felts.


BOM blanket washing requires a combination of continuous washing and regular washing. Regular washing uses some detergents for paper blankets, non-ionic surfactants and other detergents. The key dirty parts are washed with high pressure water gun and detergent focus. 


The above is a summary of BOM paper blankets in terms of structure, performance and use. Compared with BOB felts, BOM felts have a non-compressible bottom mesh layer, which gives BOM felts a larger water holding space. Please contact QIANGHUA to purchase high-quality filter products, we also have woven dryer screen and forming fabrics for sale.



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