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How to Clean The Wire Cloth Filter In The Washer

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How to Clean The Wire Cloth Filter In The Washer

Have you ever observed the washing machine in your home? Our dirty clothes have dirt, paper dust, fruit remnants, etc. Do they clog the drain of the washing machine? The tiny lint on the clothes, our fallen hair strands, where do they all go? In fact, don't worry, the inner drum of the washing machine has steel wire cloths, which you can call filter screens: they are made of wire cloth.

During the laundry process, many fibers come off the clothes, and without a filtering device, it would be easy to jam the drain valve. For this reason, this device was designed. During the machine washing and rinsing process, using the principle of water flow, allowing a portion of the water to pass through the filter device will allow the filter bag to remove some of the suspended capillary fibers.

It should be noted that this device needs to be cleaned regularly. While we enjoy the convenience of a drum washing machine, we also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the washing machine to prevent it from becoming a source of secondary pollution.
The filter screen of the drum washing machine is not well known due to its relatively hidden design, but the cleaning of the filter screen is an important part of daily cleaning. Today QIANGHUA introduces you how to clean the filter screen of the inner drum of the drum washing machine.

wire cloth for washer

Tools needed: flat head screwdriver, brush, plastic box, basin.


The washing machine filter cleaning steps.
1. Ensure that the power is disconnected and unplugged
2. Drum washing machine filter location in the lower left side of the washing machine, find the filter cover below the washing machine.
3. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the square hole and press it gently, the cover will pop up (the principle is the same as opening the phone slot) and then, pull out the screwdriver.
4. The filter appears.
5. Pull off the plug of the sewage pipe, introduce the remaining residue in the washing machine into the plastic box, drain the water, and then plug the water plug to restore the original state.
6 rotate the filter, then pull out
7. Remove the wire cloth from the filter, scrub it with a brush, and then put it in the basin and rinse it with water. Note: Do not clean directly on the water pipe to prevent blocking the water pipe.
8. Clean the inner compartment where the filter is held
9. Align the cleaned filter with the inner compartment slot and restore it to its original state.
10. Rotate the filter, snap it tightly, snap the filter cover tightly and finish cleaning.


Written in the back: washing machine with wire mesh is very important, it can ensure that your washing machine runs properly. And the use of wire mesh is not only for filtration, by changing the wire diameter, metal and pore size, it can achieve a wide range of applications. With sizes ranging from the best clear gauze to heavy duty rigid screens, this versatility means wire mesh can be used for a wide range of applications. Please contact us for more information on filter screens.

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