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Polyester forming network maintenance

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Polyester forming network maintenance
Polyester forming network maintenance

Affect the life of polyester forming more factors, it not only by the paper machine molding methods (such as long net paper machine, folder net paper machine, stack paper machine, etc.) and paper machine technology conditions (such as dehydration components, shape design , The type of slurry, the ratio, the type of filler, the degree of vacuum, the speed of the net, the tension of the net, the consumption of the net and the retention of fine fibers, etc.), but also with the structure and type of the polyester forming network itself Multi-wire mesh, monofilament mesh, single-layer mesh, multi-layer mesh, mesh thickness, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors in actual production so as to prolong the life of the mesh.

Generally affect the life of polyester forming mesh is mainly power consumption, water filtration rate, production costs per ton of paper to consider the use of polyester molding network, based on the above three factors correctly determine the network life , Is conducive to planned organization of production.

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